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Song of the Valley  offers music that is uniquely crafted for those who are in Hospice care. . Our special focus is providing transitional support.  During this time you don't know what to say and words become inadequate. Music is the language of the Heart and allows both patient and family to   ENCOUNTER LOVE

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You always imagined I would be here. Now I am saying goodbye. As Your loved one is passing, a thousand questions flood the minds of each family member. What do we say? Do we talk at all? How do we show we care at this moment?. The silence is deafening. That interactive, responsive modification of the music is what sets therapeutic music apart from recorded music.



Music is a wonderful way to bring comfort, and tell your loved one you are present. Music fills the silence, allowing memories to arise in the heart.    Even better a live musician can offer songs uniquely crafted for your loved one’s immediate need.

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  Why SOTV- As a nurse of over 20 years, in hospitals, nursing homes, dialysis units, and private residences, I witnessed many clients who died alone. Because of my nursing duties, I could only spend a few moments with them.  This became personal when beginning in 1996 through 2002 and again in 2014, I saw the demise of thirteen family members.  Music comforted my own heart. In 2016. I began offering live music at the bedside for a local Home Health agency.  In 2018, Song of the Valley was founded.



Crafts a deep connection between the client and music.

For the conscious client

relieves anxiety, elevates mood, anchors to memories

For the semi conscious or unconscious client

reduces restlessness, stabilizes  heart rate and respiration thru a process called entrainment for apprehensive clients.

For families

music acts as a bridge for families to offer support to loved one. Families often choose to stay as this music refreshes them also, but you are under no obligation to do so.

Finally a Live Musician is able to change his or her musical offering as the client changes. 


The use of acoustic instruments, such as Harp, Autoharp, Guitar. Baritone Ukulele in the lower range, or the Human Voice allows soothing vibrations to penetrate the entire body.

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Contact Song of the Valley at


Business Hours

Monday 1300-1700

Tuesday - Thursday 0900 - 1600

Saturday 0900 - 1300

Friday and Sunday closed

**Call to request evening hours**

Feel free to use our online contact and booking service also


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When you contact Song of the Valley for a session, the following information will assist the musician in offering appropriate music for your family member. Can be given over the phone


1. name

2. preferred Genre

3. Language

4. Location

5. Primary Caregiver name, phone number, relationship to patient,


Piease Note: if client unresponsive, or unable to give consent, then POA must give verbal permission for music session

. If in Hospice care,

Name and Phone number of company. *** The healthcare professionals will need to be given permission to release private info. ( pain level, ability to hear, language) for the purpose of setting up a musical session

.*** * Please see our Privacy Policy*



Everyone Deserves an Answer

Have a question that you cannot seem to find the answer to? Find what you have been looking for by referencing our FAQ’s below. We’ve specified a lot of what we do here, however if something still isn’t clear, feel free to contact us with whatever is on your mind. We’ll be happy to assist you in any way possible.



Song of the Valley offers inspirational music for Catholic and Protestant faiths. We also offer secular soothing music as well , with such favorites like, "Let me call you Sweetheart, Edelweis, Country Roads, You are my Sunshine, The Water is Wide, You've got a Friend, Into the West etc...We sing songs enjoyable to the client, We also offer soothing music without vocals when appropriate.


Each musical session is set at $45.  Sessions usually last about 20-30 minutes offering music crafted especially for the moment to moment needs of the client.


12/5/2019 My mother passed in early May 2019. Ms. Denise came to minister to her in song numerous times. My mother was tremendously blessed and as a family we were thankful in turn for someone to show so much love during the difficult time. Ms. Denise took the time to ask about her favorite songs, and was incredibly sensitive to my mother's needs and preferences. I highly recommend Ms. Denise/Song of the Valley.--- P. McMillan

12/2019 Denise McCleese, LPN and Harp Therapist was recently praised by the family of one of our hospice patients. The wife and daughter of the patient were present while Denise played the auto harp and sang songs to the patient. The wife and daughter also said they could tell he (their husband/father) enjoyed the music as much as they did and he was actually engaged with the music. They sang along with Denise and shed tears and hugs after she finished playing and singing. We are thankful for the gift Denise shares with our patients and families. ------ Sherice Ford Interim Home Health and Hospice

7/5/21 My sister went immediately to sleep after you played. Thank you

M. D.


If done with a tablet or computer for both the musician and recipient, the musician can see the recipient and modify the music to meet the recipient's responses, just like doing it in person at the bedside. That interactive, responsive modification of the music is what sets therapeutic music apart from recorded music.


Last updated: April, 2020

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